Frequently Asked Questions

When seeking a place to refer their loved ones, family members typically ask some of the following questions

Referrals can be made by a family member, responsible party, hospital social worker, personal physician, or other source. The referring party should contact our Social Services Department at (573) 442-6060 to discuss the referral and to obtain specific information on what documents need to be forwarded to us. Visit our Admissions & Referrals page for more information.

We have three types of rooms at The Bluffs: private rooms with one bed, semi-private rooms with two beds and a partial wall divider, and semi-private suites with curtain dividers. All rooms have bed, chest of drawers, and a chair. Each has an adjoining bathroom, and all neighborhoods have nearby shower and whirlpool rooms.

Our rates are set annually by the Board of Directors. Please call 573-442-6060 for the current rates.

The Bluffs accepts private pay, Medicare, Medicaid, insurance payments and Hospice. The Billing Coordinator is a member of the admission team and reviews all payment sources to determine which would apply for a given resident prior to an admission decision. Please refer questions about payment options to our Billing Coordinator.

The Bluffs employs a wide range of healthcare and support staff in addition, our service providers employ other types of staff. To be considered for employment, applicants are invited to come by the Bluffs, pick up an application and file it for review. The Human Resources department will follow up. with the next steps. Contact the Human Resources Department and refer to the Employment Opportunities page and our Contact Us page for more information.

How you admit to the Bluffs depends on the kind of care you desire. If seeking short stay rehabilitation, the hospital social worker can send your records to the Bluffs to determine if we are able to meet your level of care. This process happens quickly, asmany hospitalizations are unplanned. Admissions can happen any time, but most occurduring business hours to ensure a smooth transition to your new home or rehabilitationprogram. If you’re ready for long-term care, your physician can submit your records forevaluation by the admissions coordinator, and then you can be placed on a waiting listfor an available bed.

The Bluffs offers short-stay rehabilitation and skilled nursing, long-term care, memory care, respite care and hospice care.

The Bluffs offers a premier rehabilitation and skilled nursing program designed for individuals recovering from a major medical event. Our rehab center is the only one in central Missouri with the Alter-G Anti-gravity Treadmill. The Alter-G absorbs a portion of the patient’s body weight, allowing individuals healing from surgery, stroke or other major medical event to have a faster, less painful recovery. The Bluffs’ physical, occupational and speech therapists work closely with nurses and social workers to provide a person-centered rehabilitation program. Nurses and certified nursing assistants help with medication management, wound care, IV therapy and personal care as needed. The Bluffs’ short-stay care coordinator meets with patients and families daily to ensure our promise to an exceptional rehab experience is delivered. We combine our tailored rehab program with quiet, comfortable rooms, recreation and spiritual services, and your choice of home-cooked meals to create an environment for recovery, wellness and return to independence. Our program is innovative, contemporary and effective.

Your day depends on your preference! Insurance typically allows for five treatments each of physical, occupational and speech therapy per week. The Bluffs’ therapy team spreads these treatments out over six days, so each participant has a day of rest, but does not experience the stiffness of two days of inactivity. Each rehab participants sets his or her own schedule around personal routine. The day will include three home-cooked meals, up to three therapy treatments per day, assistance with grooming and personal or medical care, family visits and spiritual and recreational activities. How the schedule is arranged is up to YOU.

Our long-term rooms are equipped with an adjustable bed, nightstand, dresser, armoire and sitting chair. Most people bring in pictures, decorations, a comfortable chair for relaxing and a television. Cable TV is included in the room rate, but you provide a television. All rooms have phone lines; phone service is available through CenturyLink for a fee set by the telephone company.

Family and friends are welcome at the Bluffs from 6 a.m.-10 p.m. If you’re a night-owl and prefer to visit later in the night, please let us know and we are happy to help accommodate your visit.

Our staff can provide respite care for elders when space is available. Because we provide exceptional care, we don’t typically have a spot for someone to receive respite care.

Our staff is honored to be chosen to respect choices and provide compassionate care to many elders during their final chapter of life. We can bring hospice care to current residents or admit new residents who previously received hospice care in the home when space is available.

The Bluffs offers a safe, secure, therapeutic memory care neighborhood. It is designed for men and women who are physically healthy enough to walk, but may not be able to find their way back home. Maple, our memory care neighborhood, accommodates 16 men and women with dementia. Our soothing environment and therapeutic recreation schedule reduces psychotropic drug use and maximizes choice and individuality. Our staff is specially trained in dementia care, so they deliver individual, dignified, supportive care for men and women with memory loss.

You are invited to bring a special meal from home or a favorite restaurant and dine with your loved one in one of our many family areas. If you prefer, you can eat one of our home-cooked meals. Meal tickets are for sale for $5.00 at the front desk. You do not need to call ahead to eat with us, we always have a extra plate!

Guests are encouraged to bring beloved pets to visit, but our rooms cannot accommodate live-in pets.

Yes, we will provide free WiFi for your use.

We offer a variety of recreational activities to appeal to many interests and personalities. We have opportunities for small group interaction through trivia, crafts, games and discussion groups. We also have regular live music and entertainment. If you prefer to keep to yourself, the Bluffs staff can assist you with individual hobbies, books, animal assisted activity, or other preferred recreational pursuits. Our local community also provides a variety of religious services at the Bluffs.

The Bluffs is proud of its auxiliary group that has served residents for several decades. The Bluffets generously provide complimentary hair service (includes wash, set, style and haircut) twice a month. Those who wish to receive a wash and style on the off weeks may do so by donating $20.00 to the auxiliary.