Colleen Hollestelle, MA, LNHA

Colleen Hollestelle is the executive director of The Bluffs. Her passion for aging began at a summer job in a nursing home in high school, delivering snacks, ice, towels and making beds. Through that experience, she developed a drive to re-engineer long-term care with increased dignity, respect and quality of life for older adults. Her

Asha Shaon

​Asha is the director of finance at The Bluffs. She has a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Columbia College. She began working at the former facility site, Boone Retirement Center, in 1995 in a variety of roles. In her free time, Asha enjoys reading, spending time with family and her poodle Mugsy, church activities and

Regan Epperson, RN

Regan is the director of nursing at The Bluffs. She holds an associate’s degree in nursing from Columbia College and a bachelor’s of science in nursing from Central Methodist University, and is currently pursuing a master’s of science in nursing. Previously Regan worked as a critical care nurse/nursing supervisor in a burn/trauma/surgical intensive care unit.

Rhys Davis, RN

​Rhys is the assistant director of nursing at The Bluffs. He holds a bachelor’s of science degree in nursing from Central Methodist University. He became a registered nurse in 2006 and has ten years of experience in critical care nursing. Rhys loves working at The Bluffs because “we are a family that works together to

James Marz

​James Marz is the director of housekeeping and laundry at The Bluffs. He began working at the Bluffs in 1997. His responsibilities include making sure the residents have a clean environment and making sure that their clothes are clean! James loves working at The Bluffs since he likes “seeing the sense of community and friendship,

Roberto Escobar

​Roberto has served as director of maintenance at The Bluffs since 2008. He is a certified HVAC technician, environment protection agency (EPA) certified and certified fire extinguisher trainer. He is responsible for maintaining a safe, comfortable environment for residents, personnel and visitors, among other duties. He loves working at The Bluffs because he loves “the

Laura Christisen

​Laura began working at The Bluffs in 2001 and is currently its director of activities. She is a graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia, majoring in horticulture with an emphasis in special education. She began her career at Woodhaven Learning Center, where she assisted in developing and running a greenhouse therapy program. She has also

Kendra Madison

Kendra is the director of food service at The Bluffs. She began working at The Bluffs in 2008. She ensures that residents have a great dining experience, all while following state guidelines and regulations. She is happy to serve residents with a smile! Kendra loves working at The Bluffs because the “best way into a

Lacy Moore

​Lacy is the elder and family care coordinator at The Bluffs. She began working at The Bluffs in 2014, with duties including being a resident advocate, care planning, conducting cognitive and mental health assessments, Medicaid planning and application assistance, and quality assurance. Lacy holds a bachelor of science degree with an emphasis in human development/family

Jean Howard, RDN, LD

​Jean Howard is the consultant dietitian at The Bluffs and began working there in 2011. She has a bachelor’s degree in dietetics from the University of Central Missouri and a master’s degree in human nutrition, foods and food systems management from the University of Missouri-Columbia. Her current job responsibilities include providing a continuing liaison with