Colleen Hollestelle, MA, LNHA

Executive Director

Colleen Hollestelle is the executive director of The Bluffs. Her passion for aging began at a summer job in a nursing home in high school, delivering snacks, ice, towels and making beds. Through that experience, she developed a drive to re-engineer long-term care with increased dignity, respect and quality of life for older adults. Her ferocity for innovation and vision for a quality life are a force to be reckoned with, prompting her residents to refer to her as their “Fearless Leader.” Her commitment to older adults carries over into her dedication to staff, teamwork and a positive work environment.

Colleen’s passion for quality care is supported by a master’s degree in adulthood and aging from the University of Missouri-Columbia, where she specialized in improving relationships and trajectories for older adults, particularly those with dementia. Her zeal for learning persists as she studies nursing home improvement, leadership, operations and staff retention. In addition to her work as an administrator, she teaches courses in aging at MU. Colleen has worked at The Bluffs since 2012, when she began as the director of family and social support. When she’s not spreading the good word about aging, the “Fearless Leader” enjoys reading, biking, Jazzercise, running with her dogs, hosting parties, pulling pranks, traveling and attending rock concerts.