About The Bluffs

The most common thing we hear from people the first time they visit The Bluffs is “It just feels different here.” Staff, visitors and the people who live here all seem to quickly sense a vibe that is unlike any other nursing home. It’s how we roll!

It’s a Revolution!

Our team at The Bluffs is on a mission to change both the expectations and perceptions of senior living. Our approach is about making a home for people in the later stages of life where they can continue to be who they’ve always been and thrive. To that end, we are committed to seeking and practicing innovative ways to enhance lives. From preventative care, to unique and engaging recreation, to the people we hire to make it all happen – nothing we do here is acceptable unless it exceeds the status quo.

Ain’t We Got Fun?

A few things you might notice? Our life enrichment can be a bit out of the ordinary, and we are big on inviting the public in to take part. In addition to tried and true recreation like Bingo, we also coordinate drum circles, music festivals and Music and Movement Children Groups in our effort to become a cultural destination, with lots of things to do for people of all ages and interests.

We Love Furry Friends

You’ll also notice that we love our animals. The Bluffs is a pet-friendly place, as we understand how the love of a good pet can make you feel. Not only can you bring your pet to live with you at The Bluffs, but there are lots of staff pets around to enjoy as well. It just makes life a little happier.

Sure, we do all the things you expect a nursing home to do – offering long-term care, memory care and short-stay rehabilitation. But we like to think we do it all… well, different!

Our Mission

The Bluffs is a not-for-profit nursing home serving people of diverse backgrounds, cultures, resources and means. We empower staff with the knowledge and support needed to facilitate meaningful lives for residents. We provide a sense of purpose and fulfillment, as well as innovative opportunities, to help all people thrive and enrich their lives beyond their expectations.

Our Vision

The Bluffs will revolutionize the senior care industry, both in perception and expectations. We will demonstrate our commitment to better the lives of residents, their families, staff and communities everywhere, and will elevate the profession to one that fosters pride industry-wide.

Our Values

  • Diversity and Inclusion: Seek diverse people to intentionally foster an inclusive environment
  • Passion and Vibrancy: Demonstrate a daily desire to fulfill our mission with energy and brightness that fuels our collective culture
  • Bravery, Integrity and Advocacy: Be brave enough to always do what is right no matter who you must challenge to do so
  • Innovation: Be a leader in seeking new and different ways to do things better; never settle
  • Generosity: Willingly give your time, your knowledge and your compassion to all who can benefit


Now that you are enchanted with The Bluffs, we bet you want to know how you can be a part? Join our team, take a tour or find a way to get involved that fits you.