The Bluffs is not your Grandma’s nursing home. But if Grandma is looking for a different kind of place, we could be!

Are you considering The Bluffs for yourself or a loved one? Whether you’re seeking a short-term rehabilitation stay, respite care or looking to make The Bluffs a new home, we happily welcome in people of all different backgrounds, faiths and lifestyles.

People at The Bluffs come from the hospital, a current home or another retirement site. There is some information we will need in order to evaluate what services are necessary to provide the very best care. If coming from a hospital, the social worker there can submit the necessary referral information. If coming from a current home or a retirement center, similar documents can be provided by a physician’s office.

Here is a short list of the information we’re seeking:

  • Health history and current physical
  • Demographics information
  • Insurance information
  • Medication list
  • Treatment notes
  • Physical or occupational therapy notes

Additional information may be requested to ensure we can meet all of an individual’s care and life needs. In some cases, the admissions coordinator will schedule an in-person meeting to help us facilitate roommate compatibility.

We’d love to have you visit The Bluffs and meet our staff. Attend a weekly tour  to see if The Bluffs is the right fit for you!