Life Enrichment

Life never gets old at The Bluffs! Whether you get energized by group events or prefer quiet meditation, our life enrichment staff offers diverse recreation and therapeutic options to match a wide variety of interests as well as religious and cultural backgrounds. Not only do we plan lots of fun celebrations to keep things lively, but you might find some of our events are things you’d expect to enjoy at a community destination instead of a nursing home. That’s because we strive to make The Bluffs a place for everyone.

We invite not just friends and family, but the general public, to visit and take part in our enjoyment. Join our tribe for things like pop-up shops, drum circles, art demonstrations and dance classes. One day you might see Kona Ice parked at our front door – step up and order your favorite flavor! Love a good music festival? Ours include great music and refreshments. And don’t be surprised if you come head-to-head with a dancing Panda or even the band members of KISS. Nothing is ever boring here!

We post a monthly calendar so you can make plans to join us. You can also Follow us on Facebook to stay in the loop and (bonus!) see photos of all the fun stuff we do.

Download the January 2020 Calendar HERE!

And if you’ve got an idea for a great event or would like to help with one we’ve already got planned, check out our volunteer opportunities.